Thursday, May 4, 2017

Is Google Plus Still Worth It?

   When Google made their new plus available, I tried it several times, but it never worked the way I expected. I would always end up switching back to the original hoping they would give up on the changes.
   Now, granted, I'm an old fart set in my ways and always a little resistant to change, but when I was forced to the new plus I decided to give it a chance and reserved judgment. It's been months now and I've decided the new system just isn't working for me. I tried to find a way, and hoped they would fix some of the problems everyone was experiencing, but it never happened.
   If anything, the whole platform is worse and almost useless. Even though I still have over four thousand friends in my circles, I can't seem to find most of their posts nor do I imagine they can find mine. With the old system, I could walk away for a few hours and come back to hundreds of new posts to look at. I loved the variety and all the interesting things people would share. Now I might have maybe ten new posts, and those from a limited number of people.
   I don't receive near the response to my own posts as I did with the old system. I also noticed a marked drop in the traffic to my blog. With the old system I averaged over two hundred visits a month that went on for years. Now I'm lucky to get fifty visits a month. I can't even be sure of what picture Google is going to put up when I post a blog.
   I've spent years building up a list of friends on Google, and I'm not sure I want to spend the time building up another list on something like twitter, but what choice do I have? Needless to say, I'm not a happy camper right now.
   Thanks for reading.


  1. Yep. True story. All that you say. Still, though, for me, G+ is preferable to any other SM (sado-masochistic social media) platform on the Net. FacePalmPlant gets more yield in some way, but there's less -- a lot less quality.


    1. I agree. Google is still the place for me, but it certainly isn't as good as it used to be. I go to FB occasionally only because of family. The problem is if I'm there too long, my video card crashes. Oh well, the joys of having an older computer.


  2. The new Google+ is disappointing. I too kept switching back until it went away. But, it isn't everything. I also frequent a site called DISQUS. Which I highly recommend because negative commenting is rare. The people I follow there are uplifting and supportive. You can log on to it with your google account and it carries your google name over as its user name.

    That said. I still use Google+. The tone is different, I feel less attached to people on Google, of course, you are an exception because we know each other eye to eye. Then I switch back to DISQUS for poetry and writing discussions.

    Like you, I view FB occasionally because that's the pivot point for what's going on in the family. They all use FB religiously. Even though I have many in my Google circles, they never post anything there.

    Finally, TWITTER is a bust for me me - so far. It is cluttered and for the most part useless. I only followed a few of those in the writer ilk and I get so many twits with junk I've practically given up on it. I keep trying though. And as you've noticed, I'm a bit long winded so 140 characters doesn't lend itself well to my frame of mind.

  3. Thanks for the comment, Jerry. I might try out DISQUS.