Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

   Another year has passed and we are approaching the holiday season here in America. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving when family and friends get together around a traditional meal to give thanks for what they have. For the ones with more than they need, I hope you remember those less fortunate and reach out to help in any way you can.
   Over the years, for any number of reasons, I've been far from home at this time, but because of the generosity of good friends, I never had to spend Thanksgiving alone. Of course there was the year I probably would have been happier spending the day alone, lol. It was definitely a learning experience to see how some families act behind closed doors.
   I have been the driving force on Thanksgiving in my family for many years, cooking, baking and organizing the entire meal. Age has finally caught up with me and my grand-daughters have now taken over. They still want grandpa to roast the turkey and make his world famous deviled eggs (nobody makes em like I do, lol), but they will handle everything else.
   I hope and pray everyone will set aside their political and religious differences for at least a day and appreciate their family and friends. Someday they will no longer be there. Life is too short. Count your blessings, however small, as there is always someone with less. Develop a good attitude as that is the one thing that can never be taken from you.
   Happy Thanksgiving to all my G+ friends and thanks for reading.
   Picture is of my grand-daughters helping out last year after I fell behind.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your's, Roland. Now it is the following day and I have retreated from my comatose state and find I am able to cinch up my belt again. I suspect, you, as I, will be eating on left overs for the next week. I already stated on them for breakfast. Yum... Nothing like Oreo-cookie chocolate pudding pie to start the day. My other half was more reasonable and had eggs. However, I will not be shamed. It only happens once a year (maybe twice or...)

    Now-cue up the Christmas music and dive headlong into the Holiday season with gusto.