Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Silver Lining

   As a writer, I understand not everyone is going to enjoy what I write, and the possibility of a negative review is always there. Fortunately, other than the rare comment from someone that says, "This book is garbage", if a reader feels compelled to write a review they will include what they enjoyed along with what they disliked. The ability to accept the small bits of praise for what they are, and to learn from what didn't appeal to the reader is what's important.
   I recently had someone read my first book and post an honest review on their blog. It was an excellent review even though the story didn't work for them. Honestly, I never expected them to like the book because I'm familiar with their preferences and they are not part of my target audience. However, I was interested in what they might have to say.
   I thought it was telling that the reasons they cited for the story not working for them were exactly the same reasons given by those readers who thought the story was an enjoyable read. It's all about preconceptions and expectation. It was rewarding to me that the reviewer perceived the story exactly how I had intended. I write lighthearted, easy to read and understand fantasy that focuses on the characters and their relationships.
   I know this type of story isn't very popular right now, but I refuse to write grim-dark, or stories where the characters are constantly beaten to a pulp and then given insurmountable obstacles to succeed. At my age, I've experienced enough of that in my own life and the lives of family members. I have no desire to revisit those memories or emotions.
   Bottom line is I will continue to write the kind of story I enjoy reading knowing that some will like them and some won't.
   Thanks for reading.


  1. very honest. keep writing the way you want.

  2. Awesome post! I've never felt an attraction to grimdark or "gritty" stories either.

  3. I am to thick to be bothered by negativity and to vain not to get puffed up by praise. I'm with you. Write what you like and your following will be with you.

    There was a fellow in the Navy that played guitar and sang - gosh awful at first, but over a couple years, I become use to it or he got really good with doing it. I latter I think. If you were ever at the gosh awful stage with your writing, no one would ever know it.

  4. By the way; I posted a review of your book.